Industrial Electronics

Leaflet Occupation Industrial ElectronicsIndustrial Electronics Technicians install electrical components, equipment and systems in the field of electrical power supply, industrial plants, modern building equipment and automation technology. They maintain them regularly, extend and modernize and carry out repairs in case of faults and malfunctions. Furthermore, they install cable routing systems, power and communication lines as well as electrical equipment of machines with related automation systems.
Industrial Electronics Technicians programme, configure und test control and automation systems and safety devices. They organize the assembly of electrical plants, supervise and monitor the work of service providers.
During the handing over of electrical plants Industrial Electronics Technicians provide operation and maintenance instructions to the customer.
Industrial Electronics Technicians are especially employed in industries with modern production facilities using systems of control and automation technology, such as of programmable logic controllers or other modern technologies. Further employment opportunities are being provided by electrical installation companies that incorporate modern technical building equipment or utilities.
Under the provisions of the Prevention of Accidents Regulations, Industrial electronics technicians are deemed to be skilled electrical and electronic engineering workers

Tasks and activities:

  • Take over electrical equipment
  • Design electrical equipment modifications and expansions
  • Set up and disassembly workplaces/building sites
  • Organize electrical plant assembly
  • Monitor the work of service providers and other trades
  • Assemble and install wiring systems, information cables and power lines, including general supply lines
  • Install and set up machines and drive systems, including pneumatic/hydraulic components
  • Assemble and wire up switchgear and automation systems
  • Programme and configure systems, test the functionality and safety facilities of systems
  • Monitor and maintain plants, carry out checks on a regularbasis
  • Analyze faults, initiate immediate measures and carry out routine repairs to plants
  • Hand over plants, instruct users in their operation and provide services
  • Work with English language documentation and communicate in English


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