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Duties and responsibilities
I. Address

37B Nguyen Binh Khiem - Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi
Phone number: 
04.39745207    Fax: 0439740.339
II. Leaders

Nguyen Hong Minh
    - Director General  
Truong Anh Dung 

    - Deputy Director General   

III. Scope and Funtions

1. General Directorate of Vocational Training is a unit of the Ministry of Labour – Invalid and Social Affairs, executing the consulting role to assist the Minister of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs to exercise the State management role in vocational training area, including: programs, curriculums, contents, planning, quality of training, national skill framework, criteria of lecturers, teachers and managerial staff of vocational training area, procedure of exams, trainee recruitment, system of certificates and degrees, lists of training occupations, physical foundation, training equipment & facilities, execution of state management in vocational training area as specified by laws.

2. General Directorate of Vocational Training is an independent legal entity, with the National Emblem shape seal, is a level II state-funded organization with its own account at the State Treasury

IV. Duty and Authority

General Directorate of Vocational Training exercises the following duties and authorities:
1. Submitting to the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs and the latter shall submit to the Government and the Prime Minister for consideration and approval:
a) Programs of laws and ordinances, drafts of resolutions of the National Assembly and that of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly; drafts of resolutions and drafts of decrees of the Government on vocational training;
b) Strategies, planning programs, long-term, five-year and annual plans of vocational training; national target program, projects and plans for vocational training development; drafts of decisions and directives of the Prime Minister on vocational training.
c) Plans of system of secondary vocational training schools & colleges and vocational training centers;
2. Submitting to the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs for consideration and approval:
a) Drafts of decisions, directives and circulars on vocational training;
b) Regulations on standards and criteria, economic-technical rates; network planning, occupational & professional procedures of vocational training area.
3. Assisting the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs in management, coordination, providing guidelines, monitoring, evaluation and being responsible for execution and enforcement of legal documents, policies, strategies, planning schemes and plans, national target program and projects on vocational training after these policies, plans, programs and projects being approved.
4. Issuing - in line with General Directorate’s scope of power and authority - documents which provide professional guidelines on vocational training, incidental internal documents as specified by related legal requirements.
5. On formal vocational training:
a) Management of list of training occupations;
b) Coordinates and conducts drafting, compilation and evaluation of the framework programs on occupational levels applied to vocational training secondary and college levels of individual occupations.
c) Providing guidelines to and monitoring training institutions in planning, issuing and implementation of vocational training programs; in preparation, selection, evaluation, approval and application of training curriculums; the application of vocational training programs of foreign countries; the registration of vocational training activities, trainee recruitment, carrying out vocational exams & tests and issuing vocational certificates, acknowledgement of graduation.Monitoring activities of vocational training institutions in issuance of training certificates of foreign training programs, the inter-institutional training programs among vocational training institutions.
d) Implementing the registration of vocational training at college level.
6. On regular vocational training:
a) Providing guidelines on detailed conditions and procedures on opening regular vocational training courses, on criteria of applicants and modes of trainee recruitment of regular courses, on training programs, curriculums and teaching aids of regular training courses; linkage for vocational training; on training, tests and assessment, graduation acknowledgement, issuance of graduate certificates and degrees in regular vocational training area;
b) Providing guidelines and managing the application of rules and regulations applied to regular vocational training area.       
c) Providing guidelines and managing the implementation of vocational training to rural workers and trainees.
7. On lecturers, teachers and managerial staff of vocational training area
a) Providing guidelines and monitoring the set up of Faculties of Teachers' Training of the Vocational training colleges.
b) Providing guidelines, monitoring the set up and implementation of training programs applied to teachers, lecturers and managerial staff, the implementation of policies and schemes to teachers, lecturers and managerial staff in vocational training area, the application of skill standards and criteria to lecturers, teachers and managerial staff, standards and criteria applied to heads of vocational training institutions; providing guidelines and monitoring to recruitment of civil servants of vocational training area; conducting and monitoring vocational training festivals at all levels. Monitoring the implementation of regulation of evaluation applied to civil servants in vocational training area;
c) Managing activities of skill upgrade for teachers, lecturers and managerial staff of vocational training area.
d) Conducting the exams/ test of skill level upgrade for teachers, lecturers and managerial staff of vocational training area.
e) Coordinating and conducting granting events of merits to teachers, trainers and managerial staff of vocational training area in line with laws;
f) Organizing the national vocational training festivals.
8. On vocational trainees and students
a) Providing guidelines to and monitoring the implementation of student management regulations & activities of crime prevention, social evil prevention to create a healthy environment in training institutions; carrying out education activities to build good political & cultural ideology among students, creating good ways of life, education of physical strength, medical care among students; conducting movements of sports and gymnastics; and implementation of state-funded scholarship policy and other policies applied to vocational students;
b) Monitoring the implementation of tuition fee & other related fees collection.
9. On physical assets, training equipment & facilities:
a) Setting up standards and criteria of physical assets of vocational training secondary schools, colleges and vocational training centers and standards, criteria of training equipment & facilities for individual occupations;
b) Providing guidelines to and monitoring the application of physical asset standards, training equipment & facilities at training institutions; organizing festivals of self-made training materials & aids at all levels.
c) Providing guidelines for management of physical asset, training equipment and facilities.
d) Providing guidelines for the application of standards and criteria of physical asset, training materials and aids from foreign countries.
e) Organizing national festivals of self-made vocational training equipment.
10. On evaluation of vocational training quality
a) Providing guidelines and managing the implementation of regulations on assessment of the quality of vocational training activities;
b) Managing and organizing the assessment of vocational training quality of training institutions and vocational training programs. Coordinating the assessment and providing acknowledgement certificates to training institutions & vocational training programs\;
c) Providing guidelines and monitoring the quality of vocational training activities, providing guidelines for quality self-assessment of training institutions.
c) Acknowledging, issuing and withdrawing of training quality certificates;
d) Making open announcement on lists of training institutions which are evaluated on training quality;
e) Conducting professional & skill training courses for training quality assessors and managerial staff of training institutions, issuing and withdrawing of certificate of training quality assessors;
f) Coordinating the assessment for set up or issuing permits to set up quality accreditation institutions in vocational training area.
g) Providing guidelines for set up, organization and activities of vocational training quality accreditation centers founded by organizations and individuals; acknowledging competent foreign organizations which are authorized to conduct assessment and validation of foreign vocational training programs implemented in Vietnam.
11. On occupational skills
a) Managing the national framework of occupational skills and occupational skill standards.
b)Providing guidelines for and monitoring the set up and issuance of the national occupational skill standards for individual occupations; updating, reviewing & revising national standards of occupational skills in line with specific periods; providing guidelines for usage of national occupational skill standard and application of ASEAN & international occupational skill standard in Vietnam;
c) Managing the banks of tests and exams for occupational skill assessment.
d) Conducting professional training and skill upgrade courses to assessors, specialists who prepare and validate standards of national occupational skills and tests & exams to validate skill levels; issuing and withdrawal of certificates of national assessors.
e) Managing the activities of assessment and issuance of national skill certificates;
f) Conducting national occupational skill competition; arranging for students of Vietnam to attend the ASEAN and international competitions of occupational skills.
g) Managing database on assessment and issuance of national skill certificates.
12. On inspection and audit, settlement of complaints & denunciations;
a) Conducting inspection activities on vocational training
b) Providing guidelines on inspection, auditing, settlement of administrative violations in vocational training area.
c) Settlement of complaints and denunciations in vocational training area within given authority.
13. Providing guidelines for and monitoring the foundation, merger, split, dissolution of vocational training institutions; establishment of foreign offices in Vietnam; recognition of rector, and approval of the regulations of private vocational colleges. Conducting the evaluation of foundation of vocational colleges.
14. Carrying out communication, propaganda and education activities on laws and regulations of vocational training in the areas of responsibilities.
15. Conducting activities of statistics, information and building a data base of vocational training.
16. Conducting research works, application of science and technology in vocational training area.
17. Providing guidelines for and monitoring the implementation of vocational training activities of foreign invested training institutions operating in Vietnam; the implementation of activities of joint ventures and joint operation between local and foreign partners in vocational training area.
18. Conducting international cooperation in vocation training field in line with laws and as authorized by the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs.
19. Managing the organization, personnel, implementation of salary schemes, appointment, re-appointment, dismissal, retirement, resignation, reward, punishment, training applied to personnel within the responsible scope of the General Directorate of Vocational Training, in line with laws and as authorized by the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs.
20. Executing the administrative reform in vocational training area in line with the administrative reform plan of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs.
21. Managing approved finance sources and assets and approved budget in line with laws.
22. Performing any other tasks assigned by the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs and in line with laws.

Article 3 - Organization
  1. Department of Formal Vocational Training
  2. Department of Regular Vocational Training
  3. Department of Teachers and Managerial Staff Affairs
  4. Department of Physical Assets & Training Equipment
  5. Department of Student Affairs
  6. Department of Occupational Skills
  7. Department of Personnel & Organization
  8. Department of Planning & Finance
  9. Department of Inspection & Legal Affairs
  10. The Directorate Office
  11. Vietnam Vocational Training Accreditation Agency
  12. National Institute of Vocational Training Science
  13. ODA Management Unit
  14. Project Management Unit of Target Program

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